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fault isolation manuals are failing.

Troubleshooting is a step-by-step process by which the causes of equipment problems are identified, so that proper repair can be performed. In this White Paper, we explore why Fault Isolation Manuals are failing and how new technology is making the troubleshooting process faster and more accurate.


The Challenge

Fault Isolation Manuals (FIMs) which guide the troubleshooting process are challenging to keep up-to-date for a multitude of reasons but mostly because it cannot be modified as quickly as new information is generated.


The Solution

New technology is making the troubleshooting process faster and more accurate. The secret lies with a customizable diagnostic reasoning engine that operates on a database of known equipment issues.


What to Expect

Technology, like ATP's SpotLight application, makes the troubleshooting process straightforward to create, easier to deploy, more consistent, complete, and faster to update. 

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