Life Cycle & Operational Tips for a Proactive Flight Department:
Learn and Work Today To Make Tomorrow Easier

Understanding life cycle management as well as simple tools integrated into your everyday can turn your operations from reactionary to proactive in maintaining or even better yet increasing the value of your aircraft.

Join Nathan Winkle, Thoroughbred Aviation, and Jon Haag, Haag Aviation, for this upcoming webinar, as they reveal tips to ensuring a proactive flight department including:

  • Understanding life cycle planning: Learn how to determine the life of your aircraft and know when you need to start looking
  • Maintenance record integrity: Ensure your records are in a condition that your aircraft could be put up to sell at a moment's notice
  • Knowing your resources: Know who can assist you during the life of your aircraft to ensure this proactive approach


Webinar Speakers:



Nathan Winkle
Thoroughbred Aviation 


John Haag


Jon Haag
Haag Aviation Services




Lee Brewster
Product Marketing