introducing flightdocs operations. 

Webinar Speakers:


Steve Tubbs
Director of Customer Solutions



About the Webinar:

Learn how you can put the power of Flightdocs into the hands of your crew, schedulers and dispatchers to gain a new level of visibility, efficiency and overall situational awareness.

Steve Tubbs, Director of Customer Solutions, demonstrates the following features:

  • Flight Scheduling – Integrated with the innovative capabilities of our MX platform, it provides operations with real-time information on aircraft status and availability in one location.
  • Crew Management – Performed from a single, easy-to-use resource calendar, users gain streamlined processes and real-time data.
  • Mobile Apps – Native applications developed with specific users in mind deliver a clean user experience loaded with actionable information that ensures graceful communication across departments.
  • Fd | Connect – Secure, encrypted, real-time messaging for your crew, schedulers and dispatchers. View activities as they occur and eliminate broken communication processes that consistently plague flight departments.

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