the value of aircraft data: what's it truly worth? 

Webinar Speakers:


Lee Brewster
Director of Communications


Len Beauchemin



About the Webinar:

When determining the value of your aircraft, the very heart of that valuation is the aircraft log book. The entries in this logbook are a legally binding history of the pride and care that is taken in to maintaining an aircraft. The data in these entries and how it is captured can be the difference between profit, loss, or scrap.

There are various methods for keeping and documenting these records and to some an air of mystery. How does the data impact the value of your aircraft? Are you leveraging the tools available to not only ensure the safety and airworthiness of the aircraft, but to maximize the value of the asset?

This webinar covers:

  • Myths & mysteries of aircraft records
  • How data integrity has a direct correlation to your aircraft value
  • Methods and tools for ensuring maximum value
  • Optimal integration of advanced maintenance tracking systems

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