the reality of change in your flight department. 

Webinar Speakers:


Ed DuVal
Aviation Maintenance Manager


Rhiannon Silvashy
Vice President, Sales



About the Webinar:

Every flight department has a horror story. Whether it was new software, personnel changes, or even a new aircraft, the thought of change wreaks havoc and spreads fear across the entire organization. Many operators remain stuck with outdated processes and technology that under-performs just to remain in their comfort zone. In the end, you know there is a better way.

In part 1 of our Change Management webinar series, you will learn how to overcome the uncertainty around change in your flight department.

You will learn the truth behind common misconceptions such as:

  • I need to stay on my manufacturer's platform
  • This will hurt the value of my aircraft
  • We're too ingrained in our existing system

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