reducing redundancy while remaining compliant with esignature. 

Webinar Speakers:


Lee Brewster
Director of Communications



About the Webinar:

"Didn't I already do that?"

When working in industries that are so highly regulated, it is easy to get bogged down in the culture of never-ending paperwork. Not to mention, the excessive time spent chasing paper trails to respond to audits. Utilizing tools that are optimized for efficiency, credibility, and accountability should be an integral part of your organization's operations.

So how do you streamline these processes, reduce paperwork and remain compliant?

The secret to a seamless electronic workflow in aviation maintenance is the implementation of an eSignature. Watch this webinar to learn about the hot topics below:

  • What is an eSignature? Is it just a picture?
  • How is it validated? Is it secured and approved by the FAA?
  • How can it save me time?

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