Top aviation departments are jumping on to the paperless revolution – Learn why!

Today many flight departments experience undue delays in productivity as a direct result of paper-based systems whereby records can be misplaced or destroyed. Some of the biggest productivity bottlenecks involve duplicate data whereby having more than one system in place can create unnecessary data storage that adds to the time and cost required to support business operations.

In this short case study, learn how Wing Aviation went from 40 pounds of paper for each aircraft to a completely electronic solution! Learned how they achieved:

  • Increased efficiency & technician productivity
  • Reduced redundancy in data entry
  • Accessibility to aircraft maintenance data 24/7, from anywhere
  • Improved stakeholder confidence in reports and aircraft data
  • Decreased audit response time and improved accuracy

“Before, a 15-minute task required 30 minutes of paperwork. Now, a 15-minute task requires three minutes of electronic ‘paperwork." – Kari Van Winkle, Director of Maintenance, Wing Aviation

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