REVA Transports with a
Technology Edge

When the mission of your company involves mission critical, life saving flight operations on demand, you have to be able to manage your aircraft fleet accurately, efficiently, and in an instant. As an air ambulance provider with a fleet of 20 aircraft that have flown over 30,000 missions, Reva relies on Flightdocs to provide state of the art technology and any time customer service. This relationship allows for the real time accountability of all aircraft and reduction of undue delays due to inefficient practices and the inability to access information and act as situations arise.

In this short case study, learn how this global air ambulance service adopts cloud-based maintenance tracking to drive efficiency through:

  • Increased accessibility to aircraft maintenance data
  • Improved stakeholder confidence in reports and aircraft data
  • Decreased time spent processing paperwork, enabling airplanes to be ready for dispatch sooner