case study.
alerion aviation.

Adam Darnell, DOM, and Christopher Jelinek, Chief Inspector, at Alerion Aviation discuss their experience using Flightdocs - a fully integrated maintenance tracking, inventory management and flight operations solution designed to optimize aircraft operations.


The Need

For Alerion Aviation, it is critical to have readily available and reliable information wherever and whenever. With a team in multiple locations, it is essential that everyone has access to the same insights from anywhere, at anytime. 


The Solution

Alerion Aviation chose Flightdocs as a solution to this problem. Having access to an array of easy-to-use dashboards from anywhere at anytime, allowing the team to make fast decisions and take action. 


The Results

The Alerion team found the Flightdocs platform easy to understand and implement into their operation. With its intuitive design, reliable technology, and immediate customer support, Flightdocs has helped improve Alerion's maintenance management. 


About the Customer
Alerion Aviation

Alerion Aviation is a full-service Part 135 private jet charter operator that manages midsized to heavy jets in some of the United States’ busiest demand markets like New York, California, and Florida. The company offers its customers everything from brokerage and consulting services to aircraft management and maintenance oversight support.