case study.
hospital wing.

Nick King, Director of Maintenance, and Josh Wexler, Maintenance Lead, at Hospital Wing discuss their experience using Flightdocs - a fully integrated maintenance tracking, inventory management and flight operations solution designed to optimize aircraft operations.


The Need

At Hospital Wing, maintenance tracking had been handwritten logbook entries and spreadsheets. As accuracy and regulatory compliance are vital in the industry, their paper-driven processes weren't keeping up.


The Solution

Hospital Wing implemented Flightdocs as a way to help them have a paperless operation. Flightdocs is easy to understand, operate, and implement, making this whole process simple for Hospital Wing. 


The Results

Within two years of implementing the Flightdocs platform, Hospital wing was live and fully paperless for all maintenance, compliance, and inventory management processes.


About the Customer
Hospital Wing

Established in 1987, Hospital Wing (Memphis Medical Center Air Ambulance Service, Inc) is a nonprofit rotorcraft air ambulance company that provides emergency airlift services and inter-hospital transfers to critically ill and injured patients within a 250-mile radius of Memphis, Tennessee. The Part 135 company’s service area includes West Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama and Kentucky. On average, the company transports 250 patients per month, with 60% of these trauma-related.