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best practices for managing chronic defects in aircraft maintenance.

This white paper discusses the problems caused by recurring defects and effective methods used by the most efficient airlines to identify, track, manage and reduce recurring defects. These methods have been shown to reduce Aircraft on Ground (AoG) time, increase profitability and customer satisfaction and help maintenance operations perform more effectively and efficiently. 


The Challenge

Recurring defects are a particularly troublesome subset of all maintenance problems because they indicate that a previous attempt (or multiple attempts) to fix or prevent the problem has failed, usually because the cause is difficult to identify.


The Solution

ATP Software Solutions' ChronicX® recurring defect management solution transforms raw data into actionable information. It can identify many more chronic defects, without creating more work, false alerts, or "noise". 


What to Expect

ChronicX greatly enhances performance by improving the accuracy and speed by which defects, and repetitive issues are detected. It supports existing daily processes by saving time, enhancing workflows, and improving overall fleet health and reliability.

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